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Additional Cover

Salvor’s Liabilities

The Salvor’s Liabilities cover is designed for the owners and operators of salvage tugs or other types of craft used for salvage operations.

Salvage Operations

Cover for owners of tugs carrying out professional salvage activities

The cover indemnifies the insured in respect of the P&I liabilities set out in Sections A, B and C of the policy (the standard P&I liabilities). Cover is also available for pollution liabilities and certain other liabilities which arise during salvage operation. 

Up to USD 500 Million

We can provide a limit of liability up to USD 500 million for P&I cover.

The deductible and policy terms are structured to suit the charterer’s individual needs.

"Specialist operations"

  • Dredging
  • Pile-driving
  • Well-stimulation
  • Cable or pipe laying
  • Professional oil spill response

Claims Management

Our claims team has significant experience of handling claims and casualties with a particular focus on small ships. Given the wide variety of tonnage on risk, we have dealt with claims involving fires, wreck removal, groundings, personal injury, pollution, collisions with other ships and also shore properties. Depending on the facts of the case a different approach may be required and we aim to be flexible and proactive in trying to resolve matters early on whilst protecting the interests of the insured and Aurora at all times.

Aurora has a global network of P&I correspondents that can assist in dealing with any claim or casualty. We have access to surveyors and maritime experts and professionals, who can be called upon when required depending on the nature of the matter. For example, it may be necessary to instruct a specialist expert to deal with the alleged contamination of a particular cargo on board the insured ship. With our comprehensive network of experts and suppliers we are able to find someone who is the most suitable for the task at hand. In a casualty situation, time is often of the essence. By having the right people with the necessary skills involved early on, we can proactively manage the case thereby minimising the claims exposure for the insured and underwriters.

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