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Shipowners Liability (“SOL”) Cover

To complement the cover that is provided by The Charterers Club, we are able to offer assureds SOL cover where this is required, usually in relation to a deviation from the contract of carriage.

SOL Cover

Ship Owners Liability Cover

By way of illustration, the carrier or charterer under a bill of lading is usually entitled to limit liability for cargo claims pursuant to relevant conventions such as the Hague, Hague Visby or Hamburg rules.

The carrier may lose its right to limit liability either inadvertently following a casualty or deliberately when they make a commercial decision to depart from agreed contractual terms such as loading cargo on deck and issuing an under-deck bill of lading or discharging at a port different to that shown in the bill of lading.

Up to USD 500 Million
Liability Cover

We can provide a limit of liability up to USD 500 million for P&I cover.

The deductible and policy terms are structured to suit the charterer’s individual needs.

Claims types covered

  • Liability to cargo interests because the cargo has been loaded on deck against an under-deck bill of lading.
  • Liability to cargo interests where the chartered vessel has to undergo dry docking or repairs with cargo on board.
  • Liability to cargo interests where the cargo has to be offloaded and reloaded onto the insured vessel for other cargo to be worked on.
  • Liability arising from the cargo being carried beyond the named port of delivery.
  • Liability to cargo interests by reason of a geographical deviation.
  • Liability arising from the cargo being offloaded prior to delivery and carried by another vessel.

Claims Management

We have an experienced claims team who are used to dealing with matters arising out of complex maritime transportation contracts.  These range from dealing with cargo issues under bill of lading and charterparties to claims for damage to the vessel due to the alleged unsafety of the port or berth.

Three Hubs, One Team

The London office hosts our main underwriting, claims and finance functions, while we have separate claims teams in Shanghai and Dubai. The geographical spread of our hubs and our network of global correspondents ensures we can provide assistance to any client, anywhere, anytime.

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